Archive Cabinet

Protect your paper archives from destruction by fire: Archive Cabinet from Chubbsafes is a range of storage cabinets providing fire protection.

You archive many of your contracts, files and other paper documents in your office. But in the event of a fire, your archives are highly vulnerable to destruction. You need a high-volume storage solution that offers fire resistance while keeping important papers organised, confidential and safe. Archive Cabinet from Chubbsafes offers fire protection with a key lock certified to ECBS standards. The wide range of flexible fittings enables you to customise your cabinet to meet your storage needs while the cabinet's light-grey, powder-coated finish blends seamlessly into your office space.

Your Benefits:
  • Storage cabinets with fire protection in your office
  • Double- wall construction with special fire-resistant barrier material.
  • Three-way solid steel boltwork for enhanced security
  • Anchor points in base to fix the cabinet to the floor
  • Wide fitting capabilities to suit a variety of storage requirements: shelf, suspension file frame, lockable compartment
  • Supplied with an EN 1300-certified Class A key lock
  • Choice of 4 sizes ranging from 325 to 880 litres
  • Optional internal fittings: removable shelf, suspension file frame, lockable compartment.
  • Modern design to match any office environment
  • Enhanced security: Double-wall construction with special fire-resistant barrier material, three-way boltwork
  • Generous storage capacity
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Product Specifications

  • Valuable to protect Document
  • Type of resistance Fire
  • Size Medium, Large
  • Lock type Key
  • Resistance rating Uncertified
  • Fire rating 30
  • Internal fittings Suspension file, Shelf, Compartment


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